Flash Player Will Support VP8

As Kevin Lynch mentioned today at Google I/O, we are excited to include the
VP8 video codec in Flash Player in an upcoming release, which will help
provide users with seamless access to high quality video content on all of
their Internet-connected devices. Today, VP8 was released as
open source by Google as part of the WebM effort.

Companies distributing video online need the freedom of choice to deliver
the right experience for their customers and their business. We have a
legacy of embracing standards, such as H.264 and HTTP, in our video delivery
stack and are excited to be building on this with the inclusion of VP8.
Today, approximately 75% of video online is viewed using Flash Player
because it provides the reach and consistency that companies need as well as
additional capabilities, such as content protection, measurement and
monetization opportunities that are critical to driving their business on
the web. By adding support for VP8 to Flash Player we will extend the
ability to use these critical capabilities with this media format and
provide content owners the freedom of choice in how they deliver video.

We will drive Flash Platform innovation well into the future, partnering
with our customers to develop end-to-end solutions that enable them to
create, deliver, and optimize their content across any device or screen
using one, unified workflow. By including VP8 as part of the Flash Platform,
we’re providing companies with a choice as to how they can work with and
deliver great experiences to the web. We are excited to work with Google and
others to ensure web video continues to evolve and better serve content
publishers, web developers and end users.

Visit the Google WebM page to learn more about the project.


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Flash Applications Across Multiple Screens

In the video below, Christian Cantrell shows off a single Flash application running on 5 different screens – two mobile platforms (Motorola Droid based on Android and iPhone OS), a browser, 3 desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux), and the iPad. This 5 minute clip shows the value of the Flash Platform – build your application once, and then have it run across various platforms. Flash Player 10.1 brings this vision to life in the browser on mobile devices, and Flash Professional CS 5 allows you to compile these AIR applications for other platforms that don’t support Flash Player natively, like the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Christian plans on releasing the code for the game in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye on his blog for the code.

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