Flex 4 documentation now available in French, German Russian, Chinese and Japanese!

Flex 4 documentation is now available in six languages!

English – http://help.adobe.com/en_US/AS3LCR/Flex_4.0/
French – http://help.adobe.com/fr_FR/AS3LCR/Flex_4.0/
German – http://help.adobe.com/de_DE/AS3LCR/Flex_4.0/
Russian – http://help.adobe.com/ru_RU/AS3LCR/Flex_4.0/
Japanese – http://help.adobe.com/ja_JP/AS3LCR/Flex_4.0/
Chinese – http://help.adobe.com/zh_CN/AS3LCR/Flex_4.0/

We’ve also included links to all six languages in every Flex 4 component sample in Tour de Flex (screenshot below):

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