Tutorial on Flex 3 Charting

ADC presents has just posted another one of the videos on how to make a chart using a multi-dimensional array[] in AS3. The data provider is as follows:

private var medalsAC:ArrayCollection = new
{Country: "Germany", Beer:12, Hockey: 2, Fun: 99},
{Country: "Canada", Beer:12, Hockey: 28, Fun: 99},
{Country: "England", Beer:49, Hockey: 12, Fun: 10}

In this tutorial you will learn how to get this to render into a bar chart that looks like this:

Here is the video:

The link is http://tv.adobe.com/#vi+f1472v1124

Tutorial and Examples for Drag and Drop in Adobe AIR

This video tutorial explains how to build a basic application using the core principles for drag and drop enablement in AIR.

Code (Flex 3, AIR 1.5)

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