Flash Player 10.1 and battery life on mobile devices

It’s great to see all the excitement about Flash Player 10.1 coming to mobile devices! Though some people need to learn to get their facts straight before jumping to conclusions.
One of the biggest improvements in Flash Player 10.1 is the memory and CPU consumption which obviously also has a big impact on the battery life. […]

“What’s new in FP10.1 and AIR2″ slides and source files

Earlier this week I did a presentation on all things new in Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 at FITC in Amsterdam. While it’s impossible to cover everything in an hour, it should give you a good idea on some of the new features.

You can download the sources as well. I’ve included both the Flex […]

Flash Player content, Mouse Events, and Touch input

So, the Interwebs is all a buzz again around the latest article that “proves” that Flash will not be useful on mobile devices (much less the iPad). From the article:
Current Flash sites could never be made work well on any touchscreen device, and this cannot be solved by Apple, Adobe, or magical new hardware.
That’s not […]

BlackBerry community very excited about the Flash Platform

Earlier this week (can you believe I really have no idea what day it is today? :)) I joined Adobe’s David Wadhwani and RIM’s Chris Smith on stage at the BlackBerry Developer Day Keynote. Afterwards I asked a couple of BlackBerry community members and application developers about how they feel about the Flash Platform coming […]

Flash Player 10.1 and AIR coming to BlackBerry devices

For me, day two of Mobile World Congress started with a demo on how to build Flash based applications for BlackBerry devices. Since RIM is one of our Open Screen Partners you will soon see Flash Player 10.1 and AIR on BlackBerry devices. As a Flash developer I am obviously very excited about that. Blackberry […]

Day 2 with the Nexus One

I promised to keep up to date with how I get on with the Nexus One. Today is actually already day three without using Apple’s phone and I’m still enjoying it. The only thing that I am really starting to miss is a decent mail client. This could potentially become a real problem.
The Nexus One […]

My first hours with the Nexus One

There’s no denying that Apple did a terrific job with the iPhone. After walking around with PDAs and smartphones, Apple really changed the market and it took a while for competitors to catch up. I honestly never thought I would think about replacing my iPhone any time soon. Even with all its obvious flaws… But […]

Raising the bar… again: FP10.1 & AIR2 betas on Labs

Wohooow… It’s always great to wake up to new toys to play with! Flash Player 10.1 and AIR2.0 are now available on Adobe Labs.
This is a very exciting release for Adobe. Not only is it the first time that we sim-ship Flash Player and AIR for all 3 major operating systems (Mac, Windows & Linux), […]