Online Developer Week – May 10-14

During Developer Week, learn about the Adobe Flash Platform, including Flex, Flash Builder, AIR, and how it integrates with Creative Suite 5 technologies. This weeklong event features free, live webinars presented by Adobe technology experts. See live demos and have your questions answered by the experts during interactive Q&A sessions. Register and attend whichever sessions suit […]

Stuck abroad? Adobe ConnectNow to the rescue!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about people who are stuck abroad because of the ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano in Iceland. Lots of people are missing meetings and work because of this situation.

Enter Adobe ConnectNow.
Lots of people travel with their laptop these days and finding a wifi hotspot is also very easy. With ConnectNow […]

Learn ActionScript 3.0 using Flash Professional CS4

In the summer it’s usually a little quieter at work so why not use this quiet time to learn something new? ActionScript 3.0 for instance. Doug Winnie, Adobe’s group manager for designer/developer workflows, just started a new series on Adobe TV titled: “ActionScript 1:1″.

ActionScript 1:1 is a free training resource that combines video tutorials, documentation […]