AIR 2 Multitouch Gestures and the 3D Google Maps Flash API

I took some time over the weekend to dive into the multitouch APIs on AIR 2 and built a basic example with the Google Maps 3D API. I wired up the out of the box gestures in AIR 2 to some specific manipulations so that it goes beyond the typical move and pinch gestures that most of the multitouch mapping apps use. You can see the YouTube clip below and grab the source over on GitHub to see how easy it is to use the gesture events in AIR 2.

A couple of great places to look for more multitouch info is Christian Cantrell’s blog and Matt Legrand’s I’m also working on an Android version of the app but there are a couple of kinks to work out.

Getting in touch

Want to build Flash Platform applications for mobile devices, phones, and touch pads? If you have access to a tablet running Windows 7 (like a Wacom Bamboo or HP TouchSmart) or a MacBook with multi-touch trackpad, you can start building multi-touch applications NOW (mobile runtimes are coming soon!). You can build interactive, touch-sensitive applications for users who need to rotate, swipe, touch, tap, or otherwise interact with their devices by touching them. New ActionScript 3.0 API are available in Beta release for touch event handling and multi-touch gesturing. Gestures include interaction such as a multi-finger swipe across the screen, or two finger rotation, or pinch.

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The ActionScript 3.0 Reference including the new API (start with the flash.ui.Multitouch class) is here:

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