Now that’s a tablet!

Powerful CPU? Check! 1.6GHz Intel Atom.
Capable of HD video? Check! 1080p!
Camera? Check! 1 front, 1 back.
Flash Player 10.1? Check!
Adobe AIR 2? Check!
HDMI-out? Check!
USB port? Check!
Expandable storage? Check! SDHC card slot.
Pen/digitizer support? Check! Perfect for your finer art/graphics projects.
I can install whatever I like? Check! Runs Windows 7.
Multi-tasking? Check!
Easy to use touch UI? Check! HP built […]

HP’s Flash-enabled Tablet

Some very cool video of Flash Player and AIR running on HP’s Slate tablet computer.

It’s great to see Flash Player running on a tablet. One of the nice things about the tablet versus the mobile device is that because of the larger screen size, more content will work out of the box. Flash on mobile devices performs really well but the screen size is going to require some UI changes for sites that will be visited heavily by mobile devices. Tablets provide a more big-screen experience.

Number 1 on my wishlist: HP’s slate device

I already blogged about how excited I was about HP’s slate device a few weeks ago. These two new videos make me want it even more!
The first one is a teaser ad from HP but make sure you watch the second video! Adobe’s Alan Tam shows the device in action! No CGI tricks here! Alan […]

HP’s CTO talks about the HP Slate. Can I have one now please?

As I already mentioned before, I won’t be standing in line to get an Apple tablet. If it was running the full OS X, I probably would have but the limited OS they’re putting on the device is just too restricted and not flexible enough.
I recently bought an HP TouchSmart TX2 tablet/notebook to replace my […]