H.264 GPU Decoding in Flash Player on Mac OS X is live [ by Thibault Imbert ]

We just pushed a few minutes ago a new version of the Flash Player containing a nice feature that was in beta until now called “Gala”. Yes, H.264 GPU decoding in Mac OSX is now officially enabled in the Flash Player. You should notice now a nice difference when playing H.264 content on your […]

Flash Player 3D Future session at Max 2010 [ by Thibault Imbert ]

If you are into 3d development for games, augmented reality or just interactive stuff like websites, you just can’t miss the session entitled Flash Player 3D future scheduled for Max 2010 scheduled on October 27 at 11:00AM in room 503. Sebastian Marketsmueller (Flash Player engineer) will deep dive into the next generation 3D API coming […]

Optimizing web content for Flash Player 10.1 [ by Thibault Imbert ]

Last week I did an e-seminar about best practices when developing for Flash Player 10.1. The idea was to cover the new stuff in Flash Player 10.1 in terms of memory, cpu and other optimizations. For those who already saw the session called “Designing and developing for the Multiscreen web” that I did at Max […]

Optimizing Flash Ads and some XFL Gourmet [ by Thibault Imbert ]

I recently blogged about the Ads optimization topic. I finished writing a little whitepaper on this, covering mainly graphical optimizations with topics like shapes optimizations, framerate, the usage of video, filters and other graphical effects. The paper is mainly targeting designers and interactive designers rather than developers, which was more the audience of the previous […]

Profiling Flash Player Rendering [ by Thibault Imbert ]

When developing Flash content, profiling the VM or custom code called can be done through the profiler bundled in Flash Builder or through the Flash Player configuration file (mm.cfg). Those give you low level details about the VM but does not give you an overview of what is happening behind the scenes concerning the rendering […]