Announcing Adobe AIR 2 Beta 2 Now Available on Adobe Labs

Today we are making available the second beta of Adobe AIR 2 on our Adobe Labs website. Since our first beta release of AIR 2 back in November, our team has been focused on improving the quality of AIR 2 as well as adding a number of new capabilities to the runtime.

Since we are very close to shipping AIR 2, we would like to request that all developers download the AIR 2 beta 2 runtime and SDK, read the release notes and developer FAQ for important changes and known issues, and test out their 1.0 and 2.0 applications. If you run into an issue, our team would like to hear from you. Please submit a bug using our feedback form. You can also post questions to the AIR 2 beta 2 forums if you would like to connect with other developers using the AIR 2 beta 2 runtime and SDK.

Two new features that developers mab be particularly interested in are the following:

  • Print Job Enhancements
    New properties and methods have been added to the PrintJob class to give you better control of the way content is printed from an AIR application, including the choice of printer, paper size, and number of copies. New properties also give you more information about the printer, such as printable area, whether the printer will print in color, and whether the print job is currently active. The new PrintJobOptions.printMethod property allows you specify whether to use bitmap or vector printing. The PrintJobOptions.pixelsPerInch property allows you to specify the resolution of print jobs. The new PrintUIOptions class allows you to control how much the end user can change the page range to be printed. See PrintJob, PrintJobOptions, and PrintUIOptions.
  • TLS/SSL Sockets
    You can now connect to a server that requires TLSv1 or SSLv3 for socket communications. See SecureSocket.

If you are interested in learning more about the new printing capabilities in the AIR 2 beta 2, please be sure to watch Adobe platform evangelist Ryan Stewart’s interview with Rick Rocheleau, the developer that led the development of these new features.

Important: Applications built against Adobe AIR 2 beta 1 will not run using the AIR 2 beta 2 runtime. In order for an AIR 2 beta 1 application to run on the AIR 2 beta 2 runtime, the namespace of the beta 1 application descriptor file must first be updated to "2.0beta2" and compiled against the AIR 2 beta 2 SDK. .

We have updated all of our AIR 2 beta sample applications to be compatible with the AIR 2 runtime.

Thank you for your continued help and support. In addition to our blog, please be sure to follow us on Twitter for AIR-related updates.

Rob Christensen
Product Manager, Adobe AIR

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I’ve written up the process of building this application and it’s now available on the Adobe Developer Connection site as a tutorial. If you’re interested in walking through the process of importing a design into Flash Catalyst, converting graphics to components, creating states and transitions, adding interactivity and then moving to Flash Builder, to connect to a ColdFusion or PHP back-end to retrieve and display data using the new DCD (Data Centric Development) features then I’d recommend it to you.

This is the application that you will build by following the tutorial:


You can access the tutorial and download the sample files here.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for future tutorials then please let me know.