1000+ pages of LiveCycle ES2 content now online via new web version of Tour de LiveCycle

Several months ago, we launched Tour de LiveCycle, a desktop app for navigating 1000+ pages of LiveCycle content. This week, we have taken that same content and made it also available through your web browser. Go to Tour de LiveCycle ES2 Web version at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/tourdelivecycle/web One nice feature is that you can bookmark specific content. […]

Tour de LiveCycle ES2 now available!

Back in May, 2009 we launched Tour de LiveCycle (original blog post), a tool to help developers explore the vast array of features, tools and APIs  in LiveCycle.  This tool covers the entire LiveCycle ES 2 suite which is far more than simply data services.  Topics include process management, rights management, document security, developer tools, […]

What’s all this LiveCycle noise at Adobe MAX about?

You may have noticed that this year’s Adobe MAX has a lot of noise about LiveCycle ES and you may be wondering what it’s all about.  If you would like to see a good overview of LiveCycle along with some great demos, I recommend you grab one of the remaining seats in Marcel Boucher’s session […]

Avoka SmartForm Composer for Adobe LiveCycle ES

LiveCycle ES is taking a larger role this year at Adobe MAX than in previous years.  There are sessions, labs, pre-conference labs (sold out!) and tons of information about LiveCycle.
In addition to all of Adobe’s activity, I wanted to make you aware of something new from one of our partners, Avoka Technologies called SmartForm Composer […]

Join me in San Jose Aug 19th and explore Adobe LiveCycle and the Flash Platform

If you are near San Jose, CA and are curious about the Adobe Flash Platform and/or Adobe LiveCycle, please join me Wednesday, August 19th at Adobe Corporate Headquarters for a 5 hour demo-filled, action-packed free event. It’s a great opportunity to get introduced to what Adobe has going on in both client-side and server-side […]

Adobe on the Gartner Hype Cycle 2009

Gartner recently released it’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies and ReadWriteWeb has some good analysis. For those who aren’t familiar with the Gartner Hype Cycle , it’s essentially a map of technologies over five phases. Those phases correspond with the value of a particular technology. As you would imagine, technologies start off very exciting with a ton of hype. As reality sets in, the hype dies down, and people end up underestimating the technology (this is the Trough of Disillusionment). Finally people start to figure out both the true value of a technology and how to use it effectively and it enters the Plateau of Productivity.

I’ve always thought the Flash Platform provided the best way to experiment with emerging technologies and provided companies with a widespread distribution on which to experiment and test these technologies. Our community also has the most cutting edge and creative developers, so Flash has a built in advantage that you guys just try things first. As a result, I’ve always tracked this particular Hype Cycle to plot it against the Flash communities interests. I’ve mapped out the hype cycle below and then explained in detail which technologies relate to projects or capabilities of the Flash Platform


  • Video Search – This is something we’ve been working on for a while. The latest version of Flash Media Server supports adding searchable metadata to live streams so you can make live video searchable.
  • Surface Computers – Surface computing is all about the multi-touch. We’ve got you covered with Flash.
  • Augmented Reality – The guys over at Spark have been doing this for a while with their port of the FLARToolkit. And we’re seeing a lot of examples of augmented reality and Flash.
  • Internet TV – This can mean a bunch of different things, but I take it to mean internet connected TVs (of course just Internet TV like Hulu is also covered by Flash). While Adobe isn’t in the TV hardware business, we are working on Flash Player for television sets with our Digital Home initiative. That means Flash Platform developers can target these internet connected TVs.
  • E-Book Readers – We’re not working on our own eBook Reader, but the EPUB format is becoming an eBook standard for consuming digital book content. And we’ve got software like Digital Editions, a desktop eBook Reader.
  • Video Telepresence – arguably not the most cutting edge, but Gartner predicts that video telepresence will cost the travel industry $3.5 billion annually by 2012 and Adobe Connect is a slick little product that does a lot and works everywhere the Flash Player is installed.
  • Online Video – Hopefully this one doesn’t need any backup. Flash IS video on the web.
  • Public Virtual Worlds – A bit of a stretch but Flash is powering a number of virtual worlds including SmallWorlds and AllGirlArcade’s Spark City. The collaboration feature, interactivity, and runtime proliferation make the Flash Platform a pretty good place to deploy virtual worlds.
  • SOA – LiveCycle ES is all about SOA and it makes it easy for companies to integrate existing systems and leverage them as services.

What’s interesting is that most of what I perceived as being tied to the Flash Platform in some way is all at the left side of the curve, in the areas of huge hype or in the middle of the Trough of Disillusionment. On the bright side, the timeframe for most of these technologies to hit the mainstream is in the 2-10 year mark. That seems like an eternity in the technology industry, but it means you can get the first mover advantage as these technologies hit the Plateau of Productivity.

My CFUnited Session – How ColdFusion 9 and LiveCycle ES can work together

I’m presenting at CFUnited (August 12th-15th) on a topic I think many will find interesting – “ColdFusion 9 & LiveCycle ES: SOA Development“.  I’m hoping to spark some interest in how ColdFusion and LiveCycle ES (LCES) can be combined to do some really unique and amazing things. I had the idea for this session the […]

Livecycle Designer 8.2 and SQLServer 2008

If you install SQLServer 2008 after Adobe Livecycle Designer 8.2 you will discover that Designer no longer works. In order to resolve this conflict you need LiveCycle ES Update 1 Designer Service Pack 2 patch.
SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Livecycle Designer 8.2 and SQLServer 2008”, url: “http://cornelcreanga.com/2009/07/livecycle-designer-82-and-sqlserver-2008/” });