Launching & BBC iPlayer for Android

We have released Flash Player 10.1 to our OEM partners in what has been an incredible engineering effort working with our Open Screen Project partners.  One of the problems with the Flash Player generally, is that it is invisbile.  As a user its so easy to forget that a single web technology is powering billions of videos, games, Rich Internet Applications and now desktop applications with AIR.

So we have been working with the worlds leading content providers, alongside our OEM partners to create experiences that shine.  With that, we’ve aggregated these together over at so that you can enjoy them on your mobile phones.  I think it will really help to sell those mobile and device projects that we’ve all been thinking about.


If I’m honest, this is the one that I have been most excited about, and this week the BBC launched iPlayer 3.0. with support for Android Froyo devices and Flash Player 10.1.  As I live in the UK, and I know many of you don’t, let’s take a look at just how huge the service has become.

Simply put, iPlayer is like Hulu for BBC content providing video on demand services for UK citizens.  Using the service we can watch BBC content that we’ve missed, across 10 TV channels and 11 radio stations.  On top of that, we can also watch TV live using iPlayer online to work around poor terrestrial signals – or in my case, a tiny television :-)

In perspective (BBC iStats for May 2010)

  • 130m radio and television streams watched, across PCs, consoles and mobile phones
  • 13m live streams were broadcast, including a huge amount of live radio proportional to video streams
  • 6.5m video/radio requests from mobile phones
  • Peak usage tracks linear broadcast usage almost exactly – the shape of things to come :-)

Currently the iPlayer is available on the Nintendo Wii, PS3, Mac, Windows, Linux, Symbian, Windows Mobile and iOS devices.  As you would expect, when it comes to scaling the iPlayer platform across all of these devices, the task is huge.  That’s where Flash comes in, if you look at the list above (and more still) we have demonstrated Flash on all of them.

When you test your Flash-enabled site, why not let me know?  Let’s add it to :-)