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Have you seen the October issue of the Edge newsletter? It’s now live on Adobe.com. Produced by the Adobe Developer Relations team, the Edge has 1.7 million subscribers worldwide. It features video, articles and tutorials for developers and designers who create content and applications for the web.

In this month’s video, Edge Managing Editor Julie Campagna is on the scene at Adobe MAX 2009. See a snapshot of this year’s lively event, including announcements, technology previews, and commentary from attendees.

Also included in the issue:

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Flash on Mobile and Headlines from MAX

Today at Adobe MAX we previewed the next version of Adobe Flash Player, 10.1, that runs on mobile devices, netbooks and PCs. This is the full version of the Flash Player, with the same set of the features as the desktop based Flash Player. That same Flash Player was also shown running on a variety of netbooks as well. With the release of Flash Player 10.1, you’ll be able to create contextual applications that provide a customized experience – applications that are aware of the device that they’re being run on, and modify their UI accordingly. While it’s not available in a public beta just yet, it will be available before the end of this year for Windows, Mac and Linux, along with Windows Mobile and Palm Web OS.

At MAX we also showed off a new feature of Adobe Flash Professional CS5 that allows designers and developers using ActionScript 3 to create applications for the Apple iPhone. Flash developers will soon be able to submit applications to the Apple App Store — and there are already a bunch of applications available in the store now including: Red Hood, Chroma Circuit, Trading Stuff, Fickleblox, That Roach Game, and Just Letters. While, unfortunately, this isn’t Flash Player for the iPhone, it’s going to open up a lot of opportunities for developers to be able to build applications for the iPhone using Flash. There’s more information about applications for the iPhone available on

We also announced the 2nd betas of Flash Builder 4 (formerly Flex Builder), Flash Catalyst and ColdFusion Builder beta 2. Available for download today, Flash Builder 4 adds refinements to many new features from beta 1, and will help you become more successful using the new Flex 4 framework, providing more clarity between the use of Flex 3 and Flex 4 throughout the IDE. The new data-centric development features have also evolved and expanded based on beta 1 user feedback, providing improved UI and workflow for common tasks.

(Note that the Flash Builder 4 beta 2 release expires after 60 days. See below on how to extend it.)

The easiest way to change the look and feel of those applications is to have your designer design the application using Adobe Flash Catalyst beta 2. It lets designers create rich user interfaces easily using designs from Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks and then lets developers open those projects up directly in Flash Builder 4 to add other code (things like database connections etc…). The new Flash Catalyst beta 2 adds support for video and enhanced interaction options.

Today and tomorrow’s keynote will be streamed live at max.adobe.com. It will include demos of applications from many leading brands, showcasing how they’re improving the user experience of their websites with the Adobe Flash Platform. We’ve also made 3 sessions per day from MAX available online. All the sessions from Adobe MAX will be available on the MAX website in the next few weeks.

** To extend Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 **

To continue using Flash Builder 4 beta 2 after 60 days you need to own a copy of Flex Builder 3 and use that serial number to get a serial number to remove the timeout in Flash Builder 4. If you don’t yet own Flex Builder 3, you can buy it with maintenance, which will provide you with a free upgrade to Flash Builder 4 when its released. Yyou can purchase that by calling a Flex sales rep. Email Eardley Walker or phone 206-275-2831 for more details. Flex Builder 3 maintenance cannot be purchased through the online store.

MAX Lab: Making Real-Time Data Come Alive with Flex Data Visualization

If you are attending Adobe MAX, I’d like to invite you to come to what I think will be a fun BYOL (bring your own laptop) lab that I am co-presenting with Holly Schinsky.
I’ve always been fascinated with data visualization, especially data that needs analysis as it is generated.  For example, financial transaction data can […]

What I’m doing at MAX

Adobe’s annual conference for designers and developers, MAX, is taking place this year in Los Angeles from October 4th to 7th. I’m starting to work on the detail of both the session and lab that I’ll be presenting at MAX this year and thought I’d share the outline here in a blatant attempt to get you to go register for my sessions on the MAX site :)

MAX 2009, LA, October 4 - 7th

Both are on the topic on designer/developer workflow and the use of Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder – first up is a session entitled “Working with Flash Catalyst Projects in Flash Builder 4″.

This session will be focused on helping developers understand how to make use of the assets, projects and code that designers will generate when using Flash Catalyst. I’ll be covering the Flex project structure, how to work with generated states, transitions, component skin definitions and item renderers in Flash Builder, replacing dummy data with real data, dealing with changes in the design and using library packages to skin components across multiple projects. We’ll also explore some of the best practices that designers need to adopt so as to help you as the developer.

Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder workflow

The hands-on lab that I’m running, entitled “Design to Development – Flash Catalyst to Flash Builder” will walk through the end-to-end process of creating an expressive rich Internet application using the beta releases of the tools. Specifically, on the design side we’ll cover converting artwork to components, round-tripping to to make design changes, defining user interface states, triggering changes to application state and applying transitions between states. Then on the development of the application, we’ll look at importing into Flash Builder, connecting to data services and customizing the application.

You can read the formal session descriptions on the MAX session locator and once you’ve registered for MAX you can go ahead and sign yourself up for these by logging into the same tool.

If you have any specific thoughts on areas that you’d like to see covered in either the lab or the session then please let me know via the comments.

Travel to MAX LA from Europe and save $400

Yes, that’s right – we’re offering an extra discount on the registration for MAX 2009 in LA specifically for those living outside the US.

MAX 2009, Los Angeles

The cheaper-than-early-bird price of $1095* is the lowest cost ticket available – as long as you’re based outside the US just enter the code ‘EMA931‘ during the registration process to get the $400 discount.

Hopefully this will go someway to help compensate for there being no MAX event in Europe this year and make it more affordable to travel to the US. For more information on how to get to MAX, where to stay and how to save even more $$$ check out Serge’s blog entry.

For reasons as to why you should attend MAX this year, check out the official site and browse through the full list of sessions and labs that have been posted. MAX is taking place between October 4th and 7th 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

* Offer good for new Adobe MAX 2009 registrants only. Offer good for Adobe MAX 2009 full conference pass registration only. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, package or registration code. Offer expires at 11:59pm PST on October 4, 2009. Offer is not transferable and valid only for intended recipient. Void where prohibited. Terms and conditions for Adobe MAX registrations will also apply.

Flash Player 10 Beta for Smartphones at MAX

This week Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen announced during our earnings call with investors that we will release a beta version of Flash Player 10 for smartphones. Predictably this will happen during Adobe MAX 2009, where mobile will be front and centre.

It will be a developer release and for web browsers, this will enable us to collect feedback, fix bugs and give you a chance to get started and speaking with your customers about this new technology.

So, like I said in my previous post during the slow summer season it’s a perfect opportunity to begin learning AS3 and Flash Player 10 features. I have already started learning more and more over the past few months, and the good news is that life is much much easier with AS3!

I’ve also began to learn Flex, which is such a great product and I can recommend these to get started:

Flex in a Week (very optimistic!)

gotoAndLearn from Lee

As we move through the summer you’ll start to hear more about my experiences as I find out new tips and tricks.