Wacom Showcases the Power of the Pen and Multi-Touch with the Flash Platform

Leading tablet maker Wacom has always pushed the envelope when it comes to creative expression. However, when the company wanted to extend its brand from the physical world to the virtual one (targeting the mass consumer market) they decided to go with the Adobe Flash Platform given its ease of use and broad reach.

After bringing on the help of digital agencies Gugga and Fantasy Interactive, Wacom created Bamboo Dock, a downloadable Adobe AIR desktop application that holds, manages and launches applications for Wacom’s line of Bamboo tablets. Aside from AIR, Bamboo Dock was developed using Flash Platform tools, including Flash Professional CS5, Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst. (Bamboo Dock even won an Adobe 2010 MAX Award in the ‘Social Computing’ category).

With the stroke of a pen, users can open and minimize the Bamboo Dock as well as open and add applications—providing a fast way to access fun, easy and useful tools for everything from note taking and doodling to gaming and sharing work with friends. Wacom turned to the Flash Platform to inspire users, drive hardware sales and bring creative users together through a growing lineup of applications.

In its first year, Bamboo Dock helped Wacom sell 30 percent more Bamboo tablets than the previous year, and they received 3 million application downloads plus 600,000 dock downloads. Strong technology integration across the Flash Platform allowed Wacom to quickly make updates and deliver results in a third of the time they anticipated. Already in the works, Wacom plans to transfer its applications across multiple devices and platforms. Find out more about how Wacom used Flash Platform technologies to deliver Bamboo Dock here.

Interactive Storytelling Using the Flash Platform

Combining the magic of a classic story book with Adobe technology, Made in Me, a U.K.-based educational multimedia publishing company, has created an interactive, digital learning experience for kids with the “The Land of Me” story book. Built with Adobe Flash Platform and Creative Suite technologies and a 2010 MAX Awards finalist, “The Land of Me” story book engages children and parents with an imaginative world filled with colorful creatures, exciting adventures and learning around every corner.

Adobe AIR was a key component in developing the story book as Made in Me didn’t want it to be browser-based. With AIR, the creators marketed the story into downloadable parts, providing strong revenue to the company.  As a result, Made in Me’s sales have doubled month to month since its startup. AIR also allowed the creators to easily extend “The Land of Me” to other platforms, devices and screens while offering offline viewing functionality. Made in Me’s story book has gained some buzz in the UK – from getting the attention of the BBC to having several local preschools launch pilot programs based on its educational value.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of “The Land of Me.” The first chapter is downloadable for free with additional chapters available for purchase on Made in Me’s site. You can learn more about how Made in Me used Adobe technologies to develop the story book here.

The Land of Me – Shape, Size & Colour from Made in Me on Vimeo.

Submit your app/site for the MAX Awards

“Aaah… I won’t bother with submitting my app/site… I never win anything…”. I bet some of last year’s winners thought exactly that but they went for it anyway… and won! The Adobe MAX Awards is a global awards program that recognizes the best uses of Adobe software for creating expressive applications that enable people to […]

MAX Award winners QNX: Video

I spotted this today on engadgetmobile.com, featuring the guys from QNX, Alcatel Lucent and Eric Snowden from Atlantic Records.

The LTE Connected Car is a platform for in-car entertainment, navigation, management and services. At MAX 2009 QNX won the mobile and devices award because of their excellence in working with the Flash Platform. Working with the geniuses at Alcatel Lucent QNX have enabled LTE connectivity (read: 4G) into the car to prep for a future of wireless networking at 100x the bandwith of 3G (100Mbps in theory).

It is by definition “mobile” but at the same time it’s much more, the platform interface is based on Flash Lite 3.1 running on the RTOS QNX platform with all manner of extensions for GPS, Bluetooth, video playback and even integration into the dashboard. I even spotted Chumby and Kabillion content built-in and QNX are looking for partners here.

* on-demand movies, streamed or downloaded
* access to personally recorded TV programs via cloud storage
* in-vehicle Internet radio and on-demand music stores
* multi-player online gaming
* social networking
* dynamically updateable navigation and location-based services
* GPS augmented by Google Maps’ point-of-interest indicators

Although no-one was brave enough to create the actual dashboard in Flash for safety reasons :-)

Check out the video, and the extremely chirpy and fantastically named QNX CEO Dan Dodge.

Get industry recognition through 2009 MAX Awards

MAX09_234x60_Vasava.jpgEvery year, we celebrate creative and forward-thinking uses of Adobe software with the MAX Awards at the annual Adobe MAX user conference. This year, Adobe MAX Awards feature new categories, industry judges and dynamic online voting. Specifically we are interested to see more innovative project submissions for Social Computing and Mobile, which are the two of the fastest growing sectors in the industry.

New to this year, we have increased awards to eight categories: Advertising & Branding, Education, Enterprise Productivity, Entertainment, Mobile, Public Sector, Social Computing, and Social Responsibility. Category winners will also be chosen online via people’s choice voting. Online voting will open September 21st and close during MAX Los Angeles. The three finalists in each category will be invited to attend MAX North America in Los Angeles, where the category winners will be announced live. All finalists will receive complimentary admission to MAX.

All submissions must be received online at www.adobemaxsubmission.com/submission/ by 11:59 pm PDT on August 7th. For more information, visit max.adobe.com/awards/

Be sure to submit your project before August 7th. Good luck!