Mini-Microsoft Interested in Adobe AIR

Kevin Goldsmith pointed this out and I thought it was awesome. For those not familiar with Mini-Microsoft, he’s (she?) is a highish level Microsoft employee who blogs anonymously about what’s happening at the company. He has a ton of insight about what’s going on over in Redmond and quite a bit of opinion about how things should be. My Microsoft employee friends love him. On Tuesday he did a breakdown of Microsoft’s quarterly numbers and what the status of various parts of the company are. The gem came when he talked about Dev Div (which I think stands for Developer Division), the part of the company with the developer tools and technology. Here’s the quote:

Dev Div: If I had to sit down tomorrow and write a casual application for the PC, my mind would fork itself in about five different directions. Native with ATL? WPF? Silverlight? An HTA? And what’s up with XNA? If I want to write an app for the Zune (which Zune?) what do I do? And can it run on some future mobile device? And the PC? And Xbox?

And how do I share it? How do I sell it? And, ah, crap, you mean you just released a whole new version of C# / Silverlight / XNA that I have to go and relearn? Maybe those free Starbucks coffee dispensers wasn’t a good idea…

If anything, I’d probably be pretty damn tempted to invest time learning Adobe AIR. And I’m thinking that while smack dab in the middle of the Microsoft bubble. There are a lot of Partners in Dev Div, and I’m not seeing any benefit from their concentration. The Windows client should be the premiere development platform. It’s not. What am I missing?

Mini, if you want to learn AIR, you can drop me an email. I’ll drive over to Redmond or even meet you secretly at the Adobe offices here in Fremont and show you the ropes. Anytime :)