From Rock the Vote to Smash Vote!

With the U.S. elections in high gear, it’s time to channel your pre-election day passion and energy into Smash Vote, a new game from Mighty Bits built with Adobe Gaming technology. Mighty Bits is a mobile development shop in Las Vegas that focuses on mobile games, utilities and entertainment apps for iOS and Android. In their latest creation, you can choose your representative and get ready for some arcade style fighting action in this mobile app.

Built using Flare 3D and AIR 3.4, Mighty Bits’ tongue-in-cheek take on politics gives players a chance to debate the old fashioned way – a bi-partisan chance to learn who can really rumble – much like last night’s debate. Featuring crisp graphics, six playable politicos straight from Washington D.C., and a global ‘exit poll’ tracking system to compare against other players, there’s lots of fun to be had. To find out more about games with Adobe Gaming technology visit

Kevin Lynch Sneaks New Features in CS5

We are just three days from the Creative Suite 5 public debut. This afternoon, Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO shared a few insights to this new release on the Adobe blog. He also shared his views on Apple’s revised SDK license and what it means to millions of Flash developers.

Highlights on the new features of CS5:

– Social Computing Innovation: Allowing closer team collaboration within the Creative Suite tools

– Cloud and client Innovation: New cloud-based services such as Omniture for optimizing content and apps to drive greater revenue

– Multiscreen features: Enabling authoring for upcoming releases of Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 and making it easier for developers to target multiple devices and form factors

device_central.pngThoughts on new restrictions from Apple

Kevin also pointed out that despite Apple’s tightening restrictions on what technologies developers can use for creating apps for iPhone/iPad OS, multiscreen is spreading beyond Apple’s devices. We will see a wide range of excellent smartphones, tablets, smartbooks, televisions and more coming to market. Developers can leverage the Flash Platform to create and deliver rich content and applications across a variety of these devices.

Also, the Packager for iPhone/iPad is just one of 250 amazing new features in CS5. Be sure to tune into the global webcast on Monday 8am PDT at and find out all the details.

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The Flash Mobile Advantage

A post up about Jeff Smith from Smule and why he won’t ever target Android.

Smith is part of a small but vocal chorus of app developers who say they don’t want to move to Android, even though it is growing quickly. His complaints: He doesn’t like the way the store merchandises its wares, and he doesn’t want to have to create different apps for each handset Android supports.

To me, that helps show the value proposition of Flash on mobile devices. You’re going to have to create custom Flash mobile content for each device. It’s not going to be write once, run everywhere. But you’re not going to have to rewrite an app from scratch and you’ll be able to use the same technologies and tools across multiple platforms which means you can crank out applications faster and make sure they’re higher quality.

As developers get more sophisticated, just like agencies have their own frameworks to give them a head start on the apps they build, you’ll see frameworks that increase the time to market of mobile applications for different sized screens and different functionality. But the key is being able to use the same tools, the same language, and the same platform so that you can easily tweak and write those applications for multiple platforms.