LiveCycle Collaboration Service and Screen Sharing

LiveCycle Collaboration Service just got three new features that I’m pretty sure will make you very happy:

Screen Sharing. Yes, this is exactly what the names implies. Now, you can add screen sharing to your applications. Amazingly cool isn’t it?
Recording and Playback. You can record and download your collaborative session, and then playback this recording. You […]

Enterprise Cafe

I thought would be cool to talk about this app because chances are that you haven’t heard about Enterprise Cafe. So what is Enterprise Cafe? It is an AIR application (:D) that aggregates a big number of resources on the following topics: LiveCycle, Acrobat, Connect, ColdFusion, Flash Platform.

Once you log in using your Adobe ID […]

Unlocking the true potential of the smartphones

Lately I’ve been thinking and working a lot with multiple-screen applications that run across desktop and Android devices. The reason for doing this is pretty simple: my first four computers were less powerful than the current smartphone I’m using these days.
And still I was doing far more things than what I do with my phone. […]

Going Multi-Screen with the Flash Platform Webinar

It seems this summer that webinars are highly fashionable. It didn’t finish yet App in a Week European webinar, and we announce another one: Going Multi-Screen with the Flash Platform. The seminar will take place between June 22nd – 24th and you can register here.
I guess after attending these webinars you should be ready to […]

Wednesday’s Movies

In case you are out of idea of what movie to watch tonight, let me lend a hand with not one, but four exceptional movies featuring the amazing and ubiquitous Flash Platform:

Adobe AIR apps on the iPhone and Motorola Droid (Kevin Hoyt, platform evangelist)
Multi-touch capabilities of Flash Player 10.1 (our mobile evangelist, Mark Doherty, sheds […] Workspaces

Today we launched a new release of (hosted services for working with documents in a collaborative manner, including online conferences). Probably, the most important addition to this platform is Workspaces:

team members can store and organize project content online, and easily share and manage team access to files – eliminating the need to continually e-mail […]