Video-on-Demand over P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Object Replication

In the previous tutorial File Sharing over P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Object Replication we went through the Object Replication basics. And you can see that the Receiver is requesting packets one by one. That’s not suitable for the real world app, but it’s good for testing on a LAN to see the progress. […]

AS3-P2P-LIB and P2P Video Calls on Android

I am very happy that community is getting more and more involved in P2P. I told you, it has endless possibilities!
Pure ActionScript 3.0 Library by Dominic Graefen for Flash developers to start with P2P easily.

All Classes | Example | Project page at GitHub
P2P Video Calls on Android
My fellow evangelist Mark Doherty built […]

File Sharing over P2P in Flash with Object Replication

Object Replication
Object Replication is the most low-level P2P access available in Flash Player 10.1 (next to Multicast, Posting and Directed Routing) It basically enables you to send chunks of between peers. Object Replication is the only one, that guarantees that all data will be transferred to all receiving peers.

I’ve built this simple file sharing […]

Multicast Explained in Flash 10.1 P2P

Multicast is one of the features of Flash Player 10.1 and it enables you to distribute NetStreams across the peer-to-peer mesh. It can be audio, video or even pure data stream (AMF3) – the data stream can be very handy for games, it’s much better for such purpose (like sending realtime positions, directions) than using […]

Multicast Streaming in Flash Player 10.1 Tutorial

Adobe Developer Connection presents:
Multicast Streaming in Flash Player 10.1
This video-tutorial shows how to build a simple Broadcaster/Receiver system with P2P Multicast in Flash Player 10.1 using NetStream and Camera classes.

Link to Adobe TV site
*note: this blog post will be soon followed by a complete multicast deep-dive walkthrough tutorial, stay tuned

Directed Routing Explained in Flash 10.1 P2P

Directed Routing enables you to send data to a specific client in the peer-to-peer group (NetGroup). It requires stable and correct topology to work well – still it’s very useful.
There has been already something written about directed routing. But I’d like to share with you much more.
First, let me explain you which methods does what. […]

Introducing: Buzzr: a multi-user, multi-platform quiz game

This idea has been in my head for quite some time. I actually came up with it when I was building the demo for my MAX keynote appearance last October. I just never found the time to actually build it but I started on it this week.
The idea is simple. You open up a browser, […]

P2P GroupSpecifier Class Explained In Details Part 1

If you’ve tried my tutorial on creating simple chat using P2P NetGroup in Flash Player 10.1, you might have been wondering what the other parameters you can set-up mean.
GroupSpecifier is a very powerful class and ASDocs are good resource to look in, but I rather write few more words on this topic as it’s could […]