Properties file based configuration mechanism for Parsley

In this post I introduce a new mechanism for Parsley to load part of a Context from a properties file. This way highly dynamic of changing properties can be managed externally from the properties file, avoiding the verbosity of an XML approach. As always, the source code is attached.
One of the things I like a […]

Using the Flash Builder 4 Data Centric Features with Parsley (and other frameworks)

I have blogged about the new data-centric features in Flash Builder 4 here and here. One question people often ask me is: “Can I use this feature if I use a Framework (Cairngorm, Mate, Parsley, Spring ActionScript, Swiz, etc)?”
The answer is yes: The classes generated by Flash Builder (Value Objects and Service Stubs) are standard […]

Building a Flex Application with the Parsley Framework

After my recent explorations of “Swiz”, and “Spring ActionScript” (1,2,3), I decided to take the new version of the Parsley framework for a test drive, and build the Parsley version of inSync: the simple Contact Management application I often use to try out and demonstrate different features and techniques in Flex and Adobe AIR.

Parsley is […]