Duane's World – Interview with David RR Webber

I was lucky to catch up with David RR Webber in Washington, DC and was able to talk to him about the OASIS Election Markup Langauge (EML). David and I also got kicked out of a bar in this episode.

Musical guest Matt MacKenzie lays down some 1980’s flavour house groove with a great backbeat and ambiance. Code and Tunes gets into how to set up LiveCycle ES for Java Developers plus some tips on how the OASIS EML might be implemented using Adobe LiveCycle ES2 and PDF.

RIAs on the Web, on the Desktop, and in a PDF

Some believe that the “Internet” in “rich Internet application” (RIA) means that RIAs must only run in the browser. However my definition of RIA is not constrained to only web-based applications. RIAs can run anywhere: web, desktop, mobile devices, TVs, or even inside PDFs. Ideally we should have some level of code […]