The Flash Platform is fueling innovation

Flash has been fueling innovation since the day it was first released. When Flash first arrived on the web it opened up a whole new world for web designers. It literally lit up the web by adding the ability to create rich and engaging experiences on the web. Flash has evolved (and continues to evolve) with every […]

Kevin Lynch (Adobe’s CTO) blogs about Flash, past and future, Apple iPad, HTML5, OSP and more.

Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch just published a blogpost with his thoughts on Flash, past and future, Apple iPad, HTML5, OSP and more.
The blogpost entitled “Open Access to Content and Applications” gives you a good idea on where Adobe and the Flash Platform is going and what we are doing with our Open Screen Project partners. […]

Flash Platform blog launched

The official Adobe Flash Platform blog launched last week and is definitely recommended reading for those wanting a regular feed of the latest Flash-related news and information – you can read it here or grab the RSS feed.

Flash Platform Blog

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