Travel nightmare: About the Eurostar, travel and winter weather

If you are following me on Twitter, you probably read that I was affected by the Eurostar travel nightmare this weekend. I wanted to write this post to document the event for future reference.
First of all, I wasn’t stuck in the tunnel and I am really glad I wasn’t. The stories from the people who […]

Geo restrictions on media are so 2001!

I know I ranted about this topic before… But this just keeps bugging me. Here’s a question for you: When a large percentage of web users know how to circumvent geo restrictions on media files, what’s the point of even having geo restrictions?
I understand that copyrights need to be negotiated in every single country and […]

OT Rant: SMS games: How can this be legal…?

<RANT>When I tuned in to watch the news just now, I happened to catch a commercial for yet another SMS game. “Win a free Nintendo Wii!”, the commercial screamed.
Let’s see how free “free” actually is…
First of all, most of these games are subscription based (even though they only print that in unreadable text) and so […]