Flerry 1.2.0 released!

I’m proud to announce Flerry 1.2.0, which brings following new features and changes: Java discovery process has been completely rewritten. Now it looks into default location on given operating system: Windows – c:\Windows\System32\javaw.exe (starting from version 6 this is the default Java location) Mac – /usr/bin/java if that doesn’t exist it checks /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/java Linux – […]

AMF Playground with public services, Flash/Flex client-server communication

Today I published a microsite (http://amf.riaspace.com/) on my blog dedicated to AMF communication. The goal of it is to gather necessary information needed for quick start with AMF.
You will find there:

Publicly available AMF services for the start without setting up your own server environment
Code snippets demonstrating how to utilize AMF services
Video tutorials on how to setup your […]

Flerry 1.1.1 released supporting large objects transfer

I just released a new version of Flerry that fixes large object structures transfer from Java to Flex. This release is thanks to Mohammed Abbas that contributed the patch. Again I’m really happy that this project is evolving and community is contributing actively.
To start working with Flerry go ahead and download flerry and flerry-demo projects. […]

Flerry 1.1.0 released with a two-way Flex-Java communication

I would like to proudly announce that Flerry 1.1.0 was released! For those of you that don’t know what is Flerry, it’s a Flex-Java bridge for Adobe AIR 2.0. This new release brings possibility to call/initiate communication from Java to Flex/AS3 code. This functionality was solely developed by Jhonny Everson, big kudos to Jhonny!!! I love when […]

Adobe TV: Styling Flex 4 components with Flash Builder 4

As you probably know by now Flash Builder 4 with Flex 4 were released end of last week. Along with that new content was published on Adobe TV. You can find there my video describing new styling and theming capabilities in Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4.

Other videos also published:

Build your first desktop application
Follow along […]

Adobe AIR 2.0 Beta 2 released!

Adobe AIR 2.0 Beta 2 was just released, it is available here on Adobe Labs!
New features:

Enhanced Printer Interaction: New printing support allows finer control of the way content is printed from an AIR application, including the choice of printer, paper size, and number of copies. New API’s allow a developer to retrieve additional printing information, […]

Flerry: Flex-Java bridge for Adobe AIR 2.0

Today I published Flerry on Google Code, a Flex-Java bridge that uses NativeProcess API from Adobe AIR 2.0. Using it is very simple and similar to RemoteObject API in Flex. In fact I reused libraries from BlazeDS to do AMF de/serialization on Java side and on Flex side classes like AsyncToken, RemotingMessage, AcknowledgeMessage and ResultEvent/FaultEvent […]

ipla lite: Adobe AIR based client of video content from Polsat group

ipla lite application was recently released, this is an Adobe AIR/Flex based client of video content published by Polsat group. Polsat is one of the biggest TV stations in Poland. This release is really great news for Mac and Linux users because ipla’s original version released in 2008 was only available for Windows platforms. In […]

R-Quick: first Adobe AIR based e-Banking solution from Raiffeisen Bank Polska

Raiffeisen Bank Polska has just released first ever full e-Banking solution based on Adobe AIR technology. This release brings full functionality of what was always available via browser built with Flex. This is great news especially for those that have really slow or low bandwidth internet connections at home, office or are connecting with GSM […]