Geolocation Services

I’d like to re-share a library that I created for the Radar application last year, designed to provide assistance for Geolocation, reverse geocoding, local weather, place names and a utility for determining the Sunrise and Sunset for a given latitude and longitude.

The reason for the library was not to create a wrapper over the already fantastic AIR API in Actionscript, but to provide a fallback. Following alot of testing with the Radar app, it became clear that quite often there were be occasions when a given mobile phone wouldn’t return a location in a decent timeframe. Further, to get the application working correctly on the desktop requires a method for locating the desktop.

Importantly, I’ve designed the API to use various methods of detection seamlessly. It will fallback from GPS to IP Lookup and even uses HTML if the SWF happens to be in a browser. So all you need to do is implement a simple interface and a GeoServices object.

You can see it in action here:



Politifact AIR Application Tops iOS Charts!

The good news keeps rolling in about AIR on mobile. Politifact just released their Flex-based application on iOS, Android, and Blackberry and it has already hit the top of the charts. It is currently the #1 paid news application on the iOS App Store. This is huge as it is more evidence of the success of real-world, paid applications built using Flex and AIR.

So far it has been getting really nice reviews with comments like “It’s everything I wanted and more!” and “It’s awesome!”. The app especially took off when it was featured on MSNBC. Check out the video clip to see the portion of the show where they talk about the app.

Google Swiffy Converts Flash to HTML5 (example)

Google has just released a new project called Swiffy on their labs site that converts simple Flash animations to HTML5. It makes perfect sense that they have some technology like this when you look at some of the recent Google doodles. The concept here is similar to the Wallaby technology we released on labs a while back. This is more good news for Flash developers who are looking to target iOS devices that do not support Flash in the browser. Below is a simple test I created.

Another great AIR app running on multiple mobile devices

The guys from Avant Goût Studios released an interactive book for Android tablets, iPad, and PlayBook last week. It is called Apolline & Léon and it looks just great. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below.

It was created using Flash CS 5.5 and Adobe AIR 2.7. It is already available in App Store and Android Market (and soon it will be available on BlackBerry App World).

This is just another great example of how easy you can reach multiple devices using the Flash Platform with high quality content and great performance. Well done guys and I’m looking forward to seeing more apps like this!

BlackBerry Developer Challenge

This spring RIM offered a free PlayBook device to any developer who got his PlayBook app accepted in Blackberry App World store.

I know many of you didn’t get your apps done in time to qualify for this, but there is no need to be sad. RIM is running a developer challenge until August 12th. What does this mean to you? Well, if you are a Flash developer you can submit applications to the Best Adobe Flash/AIR app category. What can you win? Money and or fame 🙂 They offer over $3 million in prizes.

You can read more and register for the contest here.

PS. A while ago I released my AIR application for splitting a restaurant bill to Android Market and BlackBerry App World. The stats are pretty interesting: I get about 10x more downloads on BlackBerry store than Android Market (my application has excellent reviews on both stores). Of course this has to do with the fact that PlayBook market is younger and there aren’t so many apps in there. I think this is an opportunity for developers/companies to get “THE APP” status for their apps 🙂