Adobe News at Mobile World Congress 2010

Today at Mobile World Congress 2010, we made a couple of exciting announcements: advancements to the Adobe Flash Platform including unveiling AIR on mobile devices and Adobe joins LiMo Foundation to bring the Flash Platform to the LiMo Platform.

Adobe unveiled AIR running on Android OS.  Expected to ship later this year, AIR for Android takes advantage of mobile features from Flash Player 10.1 and is optimized for mobile screens. Developers can use Flash Professional to build apps for the iPhone and deliver those same apps to other platforms on AIR, including Android. Developers can also use AIR to leverage mobile-specific functionality—such as multi-touch, gesture inputs, accelerometer input, GPS and screen orientation—to deliver richer and more immersive user experiences across multiple operating systems through mobile marketplaces and app stores.  To see what the buzz is about, watch a video of Kevin Hoyt below demoing AIR mobile apps – Tweetbox, Southpark, Connect -on the Motorola Droid.

As part of the Flash Platform news,  we announced the Flash Player 10.1 beta was made available to developers and content providers worldwide, with general availability expected the first half of 2010.  According to a Strategy Analytics analysis from January 2010, more than 250 million smartphones that support the full Flash Player are expected ship by the end of 2012.  Flash Player 10.1 enables uncompromised web browsing of  expressive Web applications, content, and HD videos on not only smartphones, but also new tablet devices, netbooks, smartbooks, desktops, and other consumer electronics. Android OS, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian OS, Palm webOS and Windows Mobile are among the mobile platforms that will support the full Flash Player. We are partnering with Microsoft to include the full Flash Player in future versions of  Windows Phone 7. Developers can expect more news about the developer platform and browsing experience on Windows Phone 7 devices next month at MIX.

Check out one of the content publishers, Sling Media, is using Flash Player and the Flash Platform to pursue their three-screen strategy for laptops, TVs, and mobile devices.

The other announcement is about Adobe joining the LiMo Foundation and will bring the Flash Platform to the LiMo Platform– an independent, collaboratively developed handset platform that is commercially driven by some of the largest operators and OEMs in the industry. Support for Flash within the LiMO platform will further enhance the ability of application developers and designers to use the Flash Platform to create next-generation mobile consumer experiences.  

Several new partners have joined the Open Screen Project—including Symbian Foundation, Freescale, Vizio, PBS, Nickelodeon, ESPN, Wind River, Epix, and Gannet—pushing the total number of partners close to 70.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is RIM’s BlackBerry Developer Day at MWC, featuring David Wadhwani’s keynote at 11:00 AM. Stay tuned for more news!