Flash Builder 4 Data Wizards with Java / Spring

Connecting a Flex 4 application to a Java / Spring back-end couldn’t be easier in Flash Builder 4’s new Data Wizards. I’ve recorded a screencast that shows how to setup the web application project, configure Spring & BlazeDS, and then build a Flex 4 application that connects to the Java / Spring back-end. […]

New Update to the Spring BlazeDS Integration Test Drive

I made some additional changes to the Spring BlazeDS Integration (RC1) Test Drive:

The Test Drive now includes an annotation-based configuration sample (the Company Manager sample). Spring annotations such as @Service, @RemotingDestination, @Autowired, @RemotingInclude, and @RemotingExclude make it really easy to configure your beans and make them available through Remoting. As an example, here is the […]

New Test Drive for Spring BlazeDS Integration RC1

UPDATE: An updated version of this Test Drive is available here
SpringSource just released the RC1 build for the Spring / BlazeDS integration project. The key new feature in RC1 is the integration of the BlazeDS Message Service.
I updated my Spring BlazeDS Integration Test Drive to showcase the messaging integration.
In addition to Remoting and Security samples, […]

A DVD full of Flex goodness for developers exploring Flex

I have a huge stack of DVDs containing the following:

Tour de Flex – click here to learn about Tour de Flex
Flex Builder Pro Trial (Windows and Mac, Standalone and Eclipse Plugin)
Flex SDK
Flex Documentation including ASDocs (similar to Javadocs)
Spring / Flex Test Drive
BlazeDS Turnkey and Binary Distribution
BlazeDS Developer’s Guide
LiveCycle […]