tBlurb.com updated – simplified and improved – share code snippets, etc.

Six months ago, I launched tBlurb.com (blog post), a site for sharing code snippets and other web content. A few weeks later, I added the ability to edit previously entered content and a traffic report page (blog post).   The concept is simple – you go to tBlurb.com, paste in your code snippet (or whatever) […]

New features added to tBlurb.com – editing and reporting

I created tBlurb.com (original blog post) primarily as a means of sharing code snippets and other web content.  The concept is simple; you go to http://tblurb.com, enter your content, click Save Page, and get a URL that you can share.  The page remains online forever unless it gets zero traffic for 90 days.  This concept […]

tBlurb.com launched – Share code snippets, create disposable web pages

During the past few months, I have often needed to share a small code snippet or other content that is impossible or impractical to paste into a tweet, blog comment or email.  On several occasions, I created a temporary page on my blog or on one of my public servers.  I also tried out a […]