Flash on Android summer camp (in Belgium)

The summer is always a good time to learn about new technologies or brush up on new features in the technologies you already use. Belgian training center Oak3 is organizing a 2 day Flash on Android Summer Camp on August 9th and 10th. On the first day you’ll learn everything you need to know to […]

Advanced Flex workshop coming to London

There is a two-day training workshop taking place on the 24th and 25th of September in London covering some of the more advanced topics relating to Flex development.

If you’ve been working with Flex for a while and are interested in the differences between MVC Flex framworks, design patterns, application builds and continuous integration, portals, modularization of Flex applications, unit, stress & functional testing, as well as a host of other topics, then I’d encourage you to check out this workshop.

More details and pricing information is here. You can use the code ‘ebd’ to get a 20% discount on the course fee.

Learn ActionScript 3.0 using Flash Professional CS4

In the summer it’s usually a little quieter at work so why not use this quiet time to learn something new? ActionScript 3.0 for instance. Doug Winnie, Adobe’s group manager for designer/developer workflows, just started a new series on Adobe TV titled: “ActionScript 1:1″.

ActionScript 1:1 is a free training resource that combines video tutorials, documentation […]

Tutorial: Building a data-centric app using Catalyst and Builder betas

As part of my learning process with the beta releases of Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder I created a simple version of the Employee Directory application that we use inside Adobe to find information about employees.

I’ve written up the process of building this application and it’s now available on the Adobe Developer Connection site as a tutorial. If you’re interested in walking through the process of importing a design into Flash Catalyst, converting graphics to components, creating states and transitions, adding interactivity and then moving to Flash Builder, to connect to a ColdFusion or PHP back-end to retrieve and display data using the new DCD (Data Centric Development) features then I’d recommend it to you.

This is the application that you will build by following the tutorial:


You can access the tutorial and download the sample files here.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for future tutorials then please let me know.