"Demand for Flash engineers has suddenly Surged" – WSJ

The Wall Street Journal posted an interesting article about how full-time Flashers “can now command more than $150,000 a year in salary,” according to GreeneSearch recruiting firm.

“In Silicon Valley, hot job categories come and go as different technologies shift in and out of favor. The latest example: Flash engineers.” Writer Pui-Wing Tam says that start-ups, such as online gaming companies – are looking for Flash developers who are creative and can code. (That’s you, right?) The Flash developer cited in the piece said, “I make 150% more than three years ago.”


Here are some resources to help you hone your skills:

Wall Street Journal on Apple, Flash and more

The Wall Street Journal just published an interesting article entitled “The Microsofting of Apple?” with their thoughts on Apple, Flash, Google and more. If you’re not subscribed to the WSJ, you can find the article on Ben Forta’s blog.
It’s refreshing to see the “old media’s” take on this… They surely make some interesting points.