Welcome to the Flash Platform Blog

For our inaugural Flash Platform blog posting I want to begin with some important news. The Flash Player penetration statistics have just recently been updated and Flash Player 10 is now installed on 86.7% of Internet-connected desktop computers in mature markets, which is the fastest the Web has ever adopted new innovation.

Since the first release of the Flash Player, Flash has been a leading source of innovation for the Web. From salesforce.com to facebook, from Nike to picnik, from Google to The New York Times our users are constantly finding a new ways to use Flash to make the Web better. That is why Flash has become the most popular way to deliver applications, video and interactive content on the Web.

It’s gotten to be such a big tent, that it’s hard to find a single place that covers the highlights across the full range of Flash Platform tools, technologies, partners, and communities. This blog should help with that — as we find out about important news related to Flash, we’ll post it here.

Welcome to the Flash Platform blog.