DPS 2015 + Gather Journal: Gourmet Experience Serves Up a Feast for the Senses

What’s cooking? With DPS 2015, Gather Journal offers a fully immersive app with mouthwatering recipes and playlists to match.

DPS 2015 + UNC: Bringing Leadership Development Curriculum to Life

With the new DPS, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill delivers on their promise for innovative teaching and research.

DPS 2015 + Qantas: Delivering Engaging Content at Every Step of the Journey

DPS 2015 enables Qantas to share the best, most up-to-date content with their readers all over the world.

Jul 29, 2015 /Case Studies /

DPS 2015 Gives Publishers A Second Chance at a First Impression

Hear how Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution is helping revolutionize the magazine industry in the transformation from print to digital.

DPS 2015 + WoodWing: Enabling Engaging Storytelling on Mobile

Hear how WoodWing Inception uses DPS 2015 to enable publishers, brands, and marketing departments to create stunning responsive content for any digital channel.

Live from New York… it’s Adobe Design Advantage featuring the DPS 2015 Release

Join the live stream of our #DesignAdvantage event in NYC on July 29.