LiveCycle PDFG7: LCMerror 9007 trying to start the application server after installing PDFG


 If you have installed PDFG7 you may encounter the following error when the application server is trying to start:

LCMerror 9007 Failed to start turnkey service JBOSS

Trying to start the application server service manually results in this error:

Error 1029 The service did not start due to a logon failure.


  During the installation, you would have been asked to enter the username and password for PDFG so that you can install the product.  This should be the same user which installed the application server and should be an administrator with sufficient privileges to install new software and run processes.


First check that you are logged in as an administrator.  Then you should check in Control Panel -> Services, and open the Properties for the application server service.

In here you will find the properties for LogOn for the service, and here you must enter the Administrator logon details.

Additional Information

 After resolving this issue you may receive error 1053, which says that the service did not respond in the allocated time.  You can ignore this error as the application server just takes a long time to reply, but it does start successfully after some delay.

reference: (1-23596767)

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