LiveCycle ES: “DocumentBuilder returned is not DOM3 compliant, using Xerces’s DOM parser” warning


After installing LiveCycle ES Update 1 SP2 with WebSphere 6.1 as the application server, you may observe the following warnings in the SystemOut.log:

[06.03.09 11:21:40:015 CET] 0000002d SAMLToken W com.adobe.idp.common.errors.Logger$LogConsumer run UserM:GENERIC_WARNING:
[Thread Hashcode: 1753770120] DocumentBuilder returned is not DOM3 compliant, using Xerces's DOM parser

[06.03.09 11:21:45:140 CET] 000000be Reference I verify
Verification successful for URI "#d143154d8548fe37c847df7490b054cc"


This warning message is logged if the XML parser available to LiveCycle ES is not DOM 3 compliant. This warning has been reported on some Websphere installations, but seems to have been resolved in the latest fixpacks from IBM.


Upgrade to the latest WebSphere fixpack.  You can suppress the warning in the log by setting the log level for to “ERROR”.

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