LiveCycle Forms7: FormServerException: java.lang.IlgalStateException: Connection to failed service


 FormsIVS was installed and working fine on one Solaris box.  When trying to use the FormsIVS interface from other Solaris boxes the following exception occured:


com.adobe.formServer.interfaces.FormServerException: java.lang.IlgalStateException: Connection to failed service.

at ros.core.technicalservices.service.docgen.ejb.impl.DocumentGenerationManagerBean.generateViewablePDF


 This is because the following packages were not installed on the other Solaris servers:

SUNWxwplt, SUNWxwpltx, SUNWxwrtl, SUNWxwrtx

These pacakages install into:






 Installing these packages to the other Solaris servers, and making sure the file is on the classpath will resolve the issue.

reference: (1-32957277)

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