LiveCycle Workbench ES: java.lang.RuntimeException “Branch: <Name> already exists”


 When running the Upgrade Tool in Workbench to upgrade a LiveCycle 7 process to a LC ES orchestration, you may receive the following error:

java.lang.RuntimeException "Branch: <Name> already exists"


 When working with Split activities in LiveCycle 7  it was allowed to have duplicate branch names in the list of branches for a particular Split activity.  For example:




In LiveCycle ES however, this is no longer allowed.  All branch names must be unique


 This issue has been fixed in Workbench, and later versions.  There is a patch available for Workbench ES  You should contact Adobe support if you require this patch.

The fix now handles the duplicate branch names by appending an index onto the branch names, for example:





reference: (180803060/2338552)

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