LiveCycle Workbench ES: activities not displayed in viewable area in process editor


 When importing a LC7 process map into Workbench, you may have some graphical display problems, where certain activities are running off the viewable area in the process editor panel.  You can see the route lines leaving the page in Workbench and returning but you cannot access the activity, and so, cannot change it’s properties or move it back onto the page.

Here is an example of the problem on the process editor where you can see the route lines going outside the viewable area and coming back in, but you cannot see the related activities:


 It can occur that the “x” and “y” position for some activities become negative during the import process.  These values define the positions on an x-y axis, and so, if they are negative, they will not appear in the viewable area in Workbench.  This is a product bug in Workbench ES.


This issue has been fixed in Workbench ES, and later versions of Workbench.  For Workbench ES there is a patch available.  Please contact your Adobe support contact if your require the patch for

The other option (although not recommended) is to modify the process XML, and just remove the minus sign from the x and y values as required.  Be sure not to change the “x-offset” or “y-offset” values.  These are relative values, and so, can be negative.

If you install the patch or are using a later version of Workbench then the values will be restored correctly.  Here is the result of making the manual changes in the process XML for the gateway activity, bringing it back onto the viewable area:

reference: (180802976/2338539)

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