LiveCycle ES: Namespace problems in SetValue and Script services


When working with namespaces in the SetValue and Script objects in LC7, you may receive an error saying the “path” is unreachable, or similar errors pointing to problems in the expressions, after migrating to LC ES.


These errors can occur in LC ES when using namespaces such as in the following example:

LiveCycle ES now validates XPath expressions more strictly than it did in LiveCycle 7.  LC ES requires you to define the namespaces in the process, whereas Lc7 did not have this requirement.


Adding the namespace to the process properties will fix the issue.  You only need to add these namespaces once for each process, and all the Script and SetValue activities in that process will be able to reference those namespaces.

To add the namespaces:

Open the process properties and go to the Advanced > Registered Prefixes for Namespaces used in XPaths and enter the prefix (i.e. soap), and the namespace (i.e. ““).

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