LiveCycle ReaderExtensions: Error 400 trying to apply usage rights to a PDF


 If you are trying to apply rights to a PDF document with ReaderExtensions 7.0, you may receive the following error in the web browser:

Error 400: Applying User Rights to the document ‘SAE_V0.9Static.pdf’ failed:
‘com.adobe.document.pdf.PDFOperationFailure: com/adobe/document/pdf/PDFOperationFailure:1.0’.

and the following exception in the log file:

[26.08.05 09:21:03:361 CEST] 500fe7b1 Logger
E com.adobe.document.PDFManipulation document does not have certifying signature
[26.08.05 09:21:19:622 CEST] 50e8a7b1 Logger
E com.adobe.document.PDFManipulation an unknown exception caused the call

This error can occur on all application servers.


1. This is due to an incompatibility when using Designer 6 to design documents to be processed with ARES 7.  This issue has also been seen using some language versions of Designer.

2. This issue could also occur if you are trying to apply rights to a password-protected PDF document, and you dont supply the password when applying the rights.


1. If you use Designer 7 or greater then the documents can be correctly extended with LCRE 7.

2. If you supply the password for the PDF when applying the rights, the error will not occur.

reference: (1-15848413)

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