LiveCycle ES: what is the AdobeFnt11.lst file?

The AdobeFnt11.lst file is created by the XMLForm process when CoolType is started and the fonts are enumerated.  The file is used when generating PDF, Postscript, PCL and ZPL output to find the correct fonts for the document content.

If you have added a font and it is not being picked up you can force an update on the file by stopping the XMLForm process (e.g. manually in task manager), deleting the file and then restarting the XMLForm service (e.g. by re-starting the original document generation/conversion process). The AdobeFnt11.lst file will be recreated with all of the new fonts added. Normally you don’t have to do this, as the new font should be located and added automatically.

PDFMM also uses this file, as it deals with PDF files, which also use fonts.

reference: (181025376/2371040)

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