Adobe Reader: how to disable toolbar buttons and menu items


 If you want to disable some toolbar buttons like the collaboration, sign or commenting buttons you must do this using application-level Javascript.


 Place the following Javascript code inside a .js file in %ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\JavaScripts to disable the toolbar buttons:

// [File - Create Adobe PDF Using], plus toolbar button

// [File - Collaborate], plus toolbar button


Additional Information

To discover the names of the toolbar buttons and menu items you should save the following Javascript in a .js file in %ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\JavaScripts.  The Javascript console window will pop up when you start Reader and will list the buttons and menu items.


//Open Javascript Console;
//List Toolbar Buttons in the Console
var toolbarItems = app.listToolbarButtons()
for( var i in toolbarItems)
console.println(toolbarItems + "\n")
//List Menu Items in the Console
var menuItems = app.listMenuItems()
for( var i in menuItems)
console.println(menuItems + "\n")
reference: (181028701)
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5 Responses to Adobe Reader: how to disable toolbar buttons and menu items

  1. Daya Shankar says:


    I want to show my pdf file online, and i don’t want any visitor to download or print that pdf.

    Is their any way to block save and print of PDF which will help me achieve this task.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • dmcmahon says:

      You can hide certain menu items, but not the save button. Even if you were able to hide the save and print buttons, the users could still perform these actions be hitting the appropriate keyboard shortcuts (i.e. CTRL-S and CTRL-P).

      What you need to do is NOT prevent saving in the Adobe Reader client, BUT control the actual use of the PDF. Doesn’t matter if someone has it, if they can’t open it, or perform certain actions on the PDF itself – that does it.

      And that’s where DRM (Digital Rights Management) comes in:

  2. Vipin says:


    This is very useful for me as i have to disable save, copy, print options.

    but i also want to disable the “Share files using sendnow online..” option. and your script above for listing the toolbarbuttons and menuitems does not show name for this option.

    please help me.. it is very urgent and important.

    Thanks and regards,
    vipin dhiman

    • dmcmahon says:

      Hi Vipin,

      I cannot guarantee a timely response through blog comments. In future please contact the support team, or use the forums for urgent requests.

      If you wish to disable the features then you can do this using Customization Wizard to create an MST transform file to transform the standard Adobe Reader/Acrobat installation. Using Customization Wizard, you go to “Online and features” > features > Disable all access…
      If you open the Help pages in Customization Wizard you will get further details about the registry keys that are used to apply these changes. In this case it would be HKCU\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\10.0\Workflows\bEnableShareFile.

      You can also refer to the AIM tool under the Preference Reference category to look up the registry keys available to customize your installations. The bEnableShareFile regkey is also described there.

      Further info available for enterprise deployments here:

      best regards,

  3. Always good to find something new and interesting to learn from. Great website you’ve got here.