Acrobat/Reader: Firefox crash when using multiple Firefox profiles


 If you are using Firefox profiles to work with Adobe Reader/Acrobat 9 in the browser, you may encounter a browser crash.  This can occur when you have a PDF open in one profile and a normal HTML page in another profile in Firefox. Then you close the Firefox window with the PDF, firefox crashes with:

sw: firefox.exe Application Error, the instruction at "0x0700609c" referenced memory at "0x00000014". 
The memory could not be "read"

Therefore this error will occur very often and will prevent the users from working.  Firefox profiles refers to the functionality when you start Firefox through the command line with "firefox -p -no-remote", this will open a firefox dialog to manage profiles


 This is a bug in Adobe Reader/Acrobat 9 and is fixed in version 9.3 onwards.

Additional information

reference: (181186954/2445056)
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