LiveCycle ES: How to enable task assignment emails and links to forms in Workspace

Enabling e-mail feature

Adobe LiveCycle Administration user interface has a feature that enables ‘Assigned Task’ e-mails to be sent to users as soon as a task in Workspace is assigned to them. To access or configure this feature for all users, a LiveCycle administrator enables it under: Home > Services > LiveCycle Process Management ES > Server Settings > Task Notifications. The template that is displayed can be customized with the tags as described here:

Enabling e-mail link

You can add an HTTP link to the e-mail template that points to the form in Workspace that the user must complete to continue the process. If the user is not already logged in to Workspace, or if their session has expired, they get re-directed to the login dialog before being taken to the form. You can add an HTTP URL to this notification e-mail as described in the documentation here:

The default setting for the link is: http://[server name]:[port]/workspace/Main.html?taskId=[value]

The URL http://[server name]:[port]/workspace?taskId=[value] also works.

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