LiveCycle ES: process_name missing in Workspace for migrated tasks


You have migrated to LiveCycle ES from a LiveCycle 7 environment and notice that some of the tasks do not have a process name populated in the task view in Workspace. This problem occurs in the migration scripts, which do not correctly update the task information in the database.


This issue has been addressed in LiveCycle ES2 ( and later versions.  A patch is available to solve this issue in LiveCycle ES Contact the Adobe support team if you require this patch and ensure that it is suitable for your environment.

Additional information

The patch can only be applied during the migration process. If you have already migrated and are seeing this issue, the patch will not fix the already migrated tasks in the database. To correct this issue in this situation, manually run the following SQL:

UPDATE tb_task
SET process_name =
 (SELECT tb_process_instance.service_name
 FROM tb_process_instance
 WHERE ( = tb_task.process_instance_id))
WHERE process_name IS NULL

You should backup your database before applying the above SQL changes.

reference: (181372257/2526063)

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