LiveCycle ES2: Text-clipping at a page break in a complex table after conversion to Postscript with toPS2()


When you use the toPS2() method with LiveCyclce ES2 to convert PDF files that contain complex dynamic tables to PostScript, text may overlap in some table cells following a page break.

This issue has been reported with a table structure at the page break as follows:


 <data_field1>multi-line text</data_field1>
 <data_field2>multi-line text</data_field2>

The following image shows the table in Reader and after conversion to PostScript with ES2:


We have exposed a new flag in the XDP templates that can be used with LiveCycle ES2 SP1 and later versions.  Add the following line to the XML for all XDP templates that contain such tables:

<?originalXFAVersion LegacySplitPtCalcOverride:1 v2.8-layout:0?>

After using these flags in the XDP template and converting to Postscript again the table will appear correctly as follows:

Additional information

The calculation for the page-break placement pushes the data from the first subform also onto the second page, on top of the data for the second subform. When the data from data_field1 would normally fit on the first page, but the data from data_field2 causes a page break, then the data from data_field1 is pushed to the next page and rendered on top of data_field2.

reference: (181490290/2592355)

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