LiveCycle ES: AdminUI stalled branch list does not show all reported results


 If you are using the AdminUI for LiveCycle ES to search for stalled branches, you may notice that some of the items are missing from the returned list.  For example in the returned list you may notice the totals report 7 items but only 5 are shown.


The stalled branches list is compiled from the TB_BRANCH_INSTANCE table in the database.  Any branch that has a sub_status of “-99” should appear in the list in the AdminUI.  If however some of these branch entries refer to processes or actions which do not exist (or have been deleted) from the database, then this list may display the reported behaviour.

To verify this, you should run the SQL statements below on the database.  We would expect that the results returned match the missing entries from the stalled branches list in the adminui.

select * from TB_BRANCH_INSTANCE B
where ( select count(*) from TB_PROCESS_INSTANCE
and not B.PROCESS_INSTANCE_ID is null
and B.SUB_STATUS=-99
order by CREATE_TIME
select * from TB_BRANCH_INSTANCE B
where ( select count(*) from TB_ACTION_INSTANCE
and B.SUB_STATUS=-99
order by CREATE_TIME


  If either of these statements return some results, then you can fix the entries in the database to prevent the items from being included in the stalled branches totals.  The entires are referring to process/action ids that do not exist in the process/action tables in the database, and so they will never be completed or continued.  This situation can occur if you have been modifying the database using external (not from Adobe LiveCycle) code, or if you are running a 3rd party process purge tool.

If you want to prevent these entries from being reported in the list of stalled branches, then you can change the sub_status value to -1.  If the status value is already 2 (completed) or 4 (terminated) you should change the sub_status to 4.

reference: (181599726)

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