LiveCycle ES2: results missing when using a Search Template


There are no search results when using a process variable at the top of the sort order list in a Search Template in the adminui in LiveCycle ES2 SP1.


This is a bug in LiveCycle ES2 SP1.  Update to LiveCycle ES2 SP2 or later.  You can also contact Enterprise Support if you require a patch for ES2 SP1

Additional information

To reproduce this issue:

  1. Create a search template (Services > LiveCycle Workspace ES2 > Search Template Definition) with process variables in the layout column.
  2. Put the process variable at the top of the sort order list in the sort tab of the Search Template Definition.
  3. Go to Workspace; there are no search results.
  4. Move the process variable down in the sort order list in sort tab and save the Search Template.
  5. Refresh Workspace and there are result rows in the search template.

The search result rows should appear even when the process variable is at the top of the sort order list.

reference: (181660090/2651808)

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