LiveCycle Forms ES: read-only pop-up menu values modified when navigating through XHTML forms


The values in pop-up menus change when you move between pages on an XHTML form rendered from an XDP template with LiveCycle Forms ES.  Some drop-down lists (DDLs) show the empty value, whereas others actually have a different entry from the original value.

This behavior is not expected, as the drop-down lists are marked as read-only. This issue is serious, as it affects data integrity in the submitted forms. You can test this behavior using FormsIVS in LiveCycle ES with the NoScriptXHTML transformation.


Adobe has resolved this issue in LiveCycle ES and 10.  There is a patch available for LiveCycle ES 8.0.1, so contact enterprise support if you require this patch in your environment.

reference: (181801041/2734988)

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