Reader 10.1.2: printing results in an application crash


If you are using Adobe Reader 10.1.2 you may experience some problems when attempting to print a PDF document.  The symptoms of this problem will be that either nothing will be printed, or, Reader may crash.


This is a bug in Reader 10.1.2 and is resolved with the 10.1.3 and later releases.  The problem is related to network printers that do not have a “Share name” defined.

If you cannot update to 10.1.3 immediately (in controlled enterprise environments) we have provided known workarounds to avoid the issue until you can install the update.


1. Open Reader

2. Choose Help > Check for Updates

Reader installs the update automatically.

If you prefer, you can download and install the update yourself. Click the link below and scroll down to the update section of the page.

Reader updates (for Windows)


Option 1: install patch for Adobe Reader 10.1.2

  1. Log in to your computer as an Administrator.
  2. Click the link to download the  file.
  3. Unzip the file to extract the executable AdobeReaderPatch10.1.2_cpsid_92870.exe.
  4. Close Adobe Reader if it is running.
  5. Do one of the following to run the AdobeReaderPatch10.1.2_cpsid_92870.exe file:
    1. Double-click the AdobeReaderPatch10.1.2_cpsid_92870.exe file.
    2. Run the AdobeReaderPatch10.1.2_cpsid_92870.exe file in silent mode by specifying the -silent flag on the command line. Open the command prompt ‘As Administrator’ to avoid UAC prompt dialog.
      Example: <path to AdobeReaderPatch10.1.2_cpsid_92870.exe> -silent
  6. Once the process is completed, you receive a prompt stating the result of the operation.
    Note: When run in silent mode, all dialog boxes are suppressed. No success message or error message appear.
  7. A log is created in the temp directory (%temp%) with the name AcroPatchApplication1012.log. (The changes sometimes only take effect after you restart your computer)

Option 2: create share names for all network printers

  1. Go to Start > Devices and Printers.
  2. Access all Network Printers installed on your machine.
  3. Right click on each network printer to access the printer properties.
  4. Goto the Ports Tab and verify the printer is a network printer (i.e. it is using a “Standard TCP/IP Port”).
  5. You only need to continue if this is a network printer.
  6. Open the Sharing tab and give your printer a “Share name”.
  7. If you wish not to share your printer then you may choose to give it a “Share name” and then select the “Do not share this printer” checkbox.
  8. Please ensure that all Network printers have been assigned a Share name otherwise the problem will persist. Please find below a screenshot for your reference.

Option 3: disable protected mode

The second work around is to turn off the Protected Mode of Adobe Reader and the problem will be resolved right away. However, it is not advised to keep the application in non-protected mode for security reasons.  It is advisable to turn this setting ON once you are done with your printing task.

You can access this setting by going to Edit–>Preferences–>General, and un-check the option “Enable protected mode at start-up” at the bottom of the window. You will need to re-start the Adobe Reader after you have made changes to this setting.

reference: (3088576)

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16 Responses to Reader 10.1.2: printing results in an application crash

  1. Henrik Bonde says:

    When will this issue be solved? Because the proposed work around will not work in our environment.

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  3. Scrawner says:

    Please note there remains a related bug not addressed by the patch, where printing to a default printer fails when the capitalization of the printer name in the registry is not consistent:

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  5. Sillyme says:

    My printer is not printing pdf files. Anyway, I think that’s the kind of file I’m dealing with that isn’t printing. I have tried to follow the directions given to download the “fix”. There is no way in this lifetime I’m going to be able to do it. I don’t know how to log on as an administrator. There isn’t one. Just me. I can’t even find where I’m supposed to look for the zip file I’m supposed to download. I have no idea how to unzip a file either. Can you give a silly 76 year old easier instructions? I don’t think I’m the only computer moron around either. I’d like to be able to get a printout of my bills so I’d be very greatful if you hurried.
    I’m using Adobe Acrobat 5.0. not 10.1.2 but that’s where I got when I clicked when told to because 5.0 is suddenly not compatible. The printer prints fine otherwise. HELP!

    • dmcmahon says:

      The issue you describe (for Acrobat 5!) is not related to the issue detailed above (in Acrobat 10.1.2), therefore the fix will not work in your case.

      As this is a new issue I would suggest that you start a new discussion in the forums:
      There are plenty of related threads in the forums which may help you.

      Here is also a technote specifically designed to troubleshoot printing issues in Adobe Acrobat:

      You may have to consider upgrading your Adobe Acrobat version, as version 5.5 is no longer supported. We currently support versions 9 and 10 only.
      It can be quite complicated to debug such printing issues, or to upgrade software, so you should ask someone with computer experience to assist you.

  6. Mary says:

    I downloaded the “fix” but have no unzip program. I already used a trial unzip program and can’t get another one free. Any suggestions? Don’t know why reader stopped printing, it worked a couple of weeks ago.

    • dmcmahon says:

      You can find freeware zip utilities on the internet. I use 7zip myself.

      Before installing the fix, you should ensure that you have Adobe Reader 10.1.2, and that it is the same issue by doing one of the workarounds. If the workarounds resolve the problem, then you have the choice to either keep the workaround in place, or install the fix.

      This issue will also be fixed in the next Adobe Reader quarterly update which is currently scheduled for the start of April.

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  9. Elsa van Rensburg says:

    I had Adobe 9 and had no problem printing pdf file, but since i was upgraded to Adobe X i am unable to print at all. I get the message “Program stopped working …..” If i connect my laptop to a different printer, no problem printing. It is just the network printer in the Laboratory that is refusing to print any pdf files. A colleauge who came from a different office block has the same problem, he could print pdf files until he connected to the network in our office. Another colleauge sitting in the office next door to us has NO problem printing to the same printer, using the same remote network station all three of us are connected to. Can anyone help me?

  10. Jim says:

    I have updated to 10.1.3 for the Reader and for the Acrobat Pro on a MacBook Pro and they both crash, no matter which printer I go to.