CQ5: Loading an image from a resource in a custom image renderer


If you are using a custom image renderer to handle image renders, you may notice that you cannot create a valid Image object from a referenced Asset in the DAM.  You are probably using code similar to the following:

//Note c is an ImageContext object
Resource r = c.request.getResourceResolver().getResource("/content/dam/geometrixx/travel/train_station_woman.jpg");
Image i = new Image(r);
if (!i.hasContent()) {

In the example code snippet above, hasContent() will always return false.


You cannot simply create an image or a layer directly from an image/file resource as obtained from the resolver.  You must first use the Asset class to get a rendition of the image.  Then you can work with that.


Use code similar to the following

//Note c is an ImageContext object
Resource  r = c.request.getResourceResolver().getResource("/content/dam/geometrixx/travel/train_station_woman.jpg");
Asset a = r.adaptTo(Asset.class);
Layer layer = ImageHelper.createLayer(

reference: (36895)

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One Response to CQ5: Loading an image from a resource in a custom image renderer

  1. Jason Lee says:

    Thank for the post, David.

    1.) when I am already at the jsp level (ie no custom servlet written) – how do I get a handle to the ImageContext object?

    2.) I am using a pathfield object which contains the path to the object in the DAM already. ex. /content/dam/ea/someGame/background_1.jpg
    I can then get the resource and then adapt it to an Asset:
    Resource res = slingRequest.getResourceResolver().getResource(path);
    Asset a = res.adaptTo(Asset.class);

    But then how do I get the Image object (com.day.cq.wcm.foundation.Image) from that?

    Thanks in advance!