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Adobe CQ/AEM support tools available

We have recently published a package with support tools that can be useful to help diagnose issues encountered with Adobe Experience Manager.  As the tools project continues to mature, additional tools will be provided to ease the overall diagnosis and maintenance of CQ.

Overview of tools in 1st release:

  • Logs Viewer – Provides an easy way to download all CQ logs.  The tail functionality will open a new window and start tailing the log file.  Multiple log directories can be configured via Logs Tail Plugin.  The crx-quickstart/logs is used as default if configuration is not bound.  This tool can also be used with curl.  Allows you to package up all the logs in one single click making it easy to provide the logs when opening a Daycare ticket.  Detailed info here:
  • Tar PM Scan – Scans tar files and displays node path and size for each record.  This can be useful when analyzing abnormal workspace growth.  Large individual node sizes could indicate a flat hierarchy (i.e. a large child node list > 1000).  The same nodes appearing repeatedly in the scan could indicate a code issue or some other problem related to updating the same nodes repeatedly.  Detailed info here:
  • Thread Dumps Collection & Analysis – Takes thread dumps at regular intervals and saves them in a file under crx-quickstart/threads.  The page will also display a list of links to existing thread dump files.  The tool can use jstack, if it is installed on the system, or JVM MBean.  Detailed info here:
  • Content Compare & Import – Used to compare and import content differences from one CQ instance to another CQ instance.  This helps to ensure consistency across servers.  Detailed info here:

Download and install

The tools are supported for use with CQ5.5, AEM5.6 and later versions.  Here are the instructions to download and install the support tools:

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AEM5.6: Socoadmin: reply button and refresh issues in moderation UI


If you are using the classic UI (/socoadmin) for social moderation in AEM5.6, you may notice some strange behaviour as follows

Reply button disabled
1) Go to http://localhost:4502/socoadmin
2) Select a blog comment from Geometrixx

Result: reply button is always disabled.  Expected: reply button to be enabled for blog comments.

Refresh issue
1) Go to http://localhost:4502/socoadmin
2) Select a forum post from Geometrixx
3) Click the Deny button

Result: status remains OK (same for Approve and Spam actions).  Expected: page refreshes and status is updated to Denied.  Note: Refreshing the page manually shows the correct status.


These issues are caused by a missing property (id=cq-collabadmin) on the /libs/collab/core/content/admin node in the repository related to the collaboration objects.


These issues will be fixed in a future version of AEM.  These issues do not occur in CQ5.5, or using the new touch UI in AEM5.6.


To resolve the issues (no refresh and reply disabled), install the following overlay for AEM5.6:

This overlays the /libs/collab/core/content/admin node and adds the missing id=cq-collabadmin property. Afterwards the reply button in socoadmin is enabled for blog comments, and a refresh occurs as expected after an Approve/Deny/Spam is executed.

reference: (44362/CQ5-30096)

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CQ5.5: Activated images in publisher are displayed as pending in DAM search results


If you are activating images in DAM, and then searching for those images in DAM search as detailed below, you may notice that the image activation status appears as “pending” in the search results.

  1. Open DAM
  2. Navigate to a folder with images (example: /content/dam/geometrixx/banners)
  3. Activate all the images.
  4. Ensure that the image status is published.
  5. Switch to DAM search.
  6. Enter a search string (example: .png)

Result: The activated images appear as pending for activation.



This is an issue in CQ5.5 and has been resolved in AEM 5.6 and later versions.


Upgrade to AEM 5.6.

reference: (43813/CQ5-23686)

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