Adobe Acrobat/Reader resources

This page is provided to consolidate all the tools and resources you may need to install/use/troubleshoot Adobe Acrobat and Reader.

1. Install

Adobe Acrobat installer/update downloads (Acrobat, PDF IFilter, Customization Wizard, SDK):

Adobe Reader installer/update downloads (Reader, Font Packs, Spelling Dictionaries, SDK):

Adobe Acrobat/Reader release note library (release notes for all current versions):

Adobe product security information (blogs with info on all security issues and patches):

Enterprise administration guide (tools and resources for all enterprise deployments of Adobe Acrobat/Reader):

2. Work with

Documentation on Adobe Acrobat/Reader compatibility across previous versions:

PDF Test Toolkit (automated testing of PDF files and forms):

Online PDF creator service:

3. Troubleshoot

Adobe online forums (questions and answers to common problems):

Adobe Support knowledgebase:

ProcessMonitor tool from Sysinternals (used to analyze windows processes and applications):

HTTP debugging tools (when PDF files need to communicate with a server):

SoapUI WebService debugging tool (when PDF files rely on webservice calls):

WireShark Network debugging tool:

Notepad++ (text editor with advanced functionality):

Printing issues:

You should verify printing issues by printing to a PCL/PRN file and then check the output using Ghostview/Swiftview/PCLReader.  If the problem does not appear in the PCL/PRN file, then it may be a problem with the printer, or printer driver.  Compare the output with other printers if possible, and ensure your printer driver is up to date.  If problems persist, contact the printer vendor.

Relevant KB articles:

Terminal Server/Citrix:

Terminal Server/Citrix issues are usually performance problems.  You should compare the performance in Acrobat/Reader with other applications on WTS/Citrix, and with other servers.  Activate and de-activate SpeedScreen. Check how many users are using the WTS/Citrix server and rule out any resource (CPU/RAM/Bandwidth) issues.  Depending on the type of issue, it may be useful to analyze HTTP traffic and ProcessMon and FileMon logs.

Relevant KB articles:

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